Requesting a Price quote

Our pricing is set competitively and is subject to change at our discretion. You may request a quote for services at any time by email, through social media, or by phone. A full quote for services will be sent by email through our secured Square Invoicing system.

Invoices may include delivery, setup, and/or service charges.  All quotes for events requiring buffet or plated service will include pricing for high quality disposable dinnerware and flatware unless requested up front.  Additional charges will apply for non-disposable items.


Once a quote is sent, depending on the total amount of the invoice and the amount of time until the order is needed, a deposit may be required. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Invoices < $300 must be paid in full in advance to secure an order. 

Invoices > $300 and with an order date within 60 days, can be secured with a 50% deposit.

Invoices > $600 and with an order date more than 60 days out, can be secured with a $300 "Save The Date" retainer. This retainer fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Your order/event will be guaranteed on our calendar. 

In the rare instance that we are not able to render services or complete an order due to circumstances beyond our control, this retainer fee or deposit may be refunded to you. We will notify you as far in advance as possible if a situation arises.


A suggested payment "due date" will be detailed on your invoice. Your order is not secured until full payment or deposit (where applicable) is made. Because we are constantly adding orders to our calendar, we can not guarantee a date without payment. Please be aware that we also may become unavailable prior to the "due date' on your invoice because of this.

We accept all major credit cards. Our preferred payment gateway is through Square Invoicing. 

Business checks (at least 14 days prior to order date) may be accepted if we approve in advance.

We do not accept PayPal.


Wedding cake tastings consist of 1 dozen cupcakes up to 2 flavors. If no deposit has been made on an invoice, the cost of the tasting is $25. 

Food tasting prices vary based on the number of items sampled and the number of guests that will be tastng. They generally range from $25-$50. If a deposit has been made on an invoice, the tasting is complimentary. 

Tasting fees will be applied to any confirmed orders. 

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